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New Video – Author Reading Prologue

So here is me, Allen M Werner, reading the Prologue of my new book – The Crystal Crux : Cold Knight.  Hope you enjoy it.  I put the video on YouTube as well and you can look me up there and follow me as well.  Also be sure to follow me on AMWERNER.COM

A Video Message

Here is a short video with me and my grandson, E, reminding everyone to get on Amazon and pick up a Kindle version of the new book in The Crystal Crux series, Cold Knight for a special price – $1.49.  Downloads on Friday, December 22, 2017.

Paperback version should be out before the end of the year.

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PreOrder The Crystal Crux – Cold Knight

Stand Alone, Third Book in The Crystal Crux epic fantasy series where nothing has gone well since the siege of Capua.

Pero de Alava has fallen off a mountain.
‘You are dead, estúpido. You’ll never see Anthea again.’

Anthea Manikos has been taken prisoner by the Castellan of Parthenope.
‘She had changed. The wolf wanted her to go exploring the garden. And she wanted to obey.’

Francis Whitehall lost his whole family and prays his former squire’s ship, The War Queen, is still docked at Mondragone.
“Some call me the Rose.”

Meanwhile, the Fabbro rulers, with the aid of Sinibaldus, a giant magician with a Bellerophon Crystal, continue to consolidate their power, although petty slights and warring factions between them, divide them.
‘He knew what his brother was scheming.’

Everyone has a secret and an agenda. Everyone is lying about something.
‘I can’t trust him. I can’t trust any of them, my sons most of all.’

And outside all this, the wall between reality and the supernatural is crumbling, as winged horses, scurvy crones, demonic imps and an old black dragon enter the fray, threatening to resurrect an ancient war initiated at the very beginning of Creation.
“Nephilim,” sneered Lethe. “We have not heard from that sorry lot for eons.”

The rain has never stopped falling. The good and the evil cannot escape it. What they do in the storm, is all that matters. How they survive, is this story.

‘There was no turning back. The roots and branches were pressing in closer and closer, the air growing colder and colder, nearly intolerable.’

‘‘They are unmerciful and savage. They’ll stop it nothing to get what they want.’

‘Bravest blood flows first.’

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As the anticipation heightens and I put the final edits on the third book in The Crystal Crux series, I’m proud to announce that the Book Cover Reveal is this Friday, November 3, 2017.

I’m hoping to have the book out in November, but I want to make sure I’ve edited it properly and don’t regret something in the long run.  The release could be pushed back to the beginning of December because of the time it will take to get through the publisher but it will be worth it – I promise!

You can still pick up Book One – Betrayal; Book Two – Blue Grotto; and the YA edition, The First Three Days.  Happy Reading.

Book Three As Yet Untitled

I when I begin writing a new book, especially one that is part of The Crystal Crux series, it comes with a mixture of excitement and dread.  In my mind, I see it all.  It’s like a movie and all the players are doing exactly what I want them to do, saying what I want them to say, looking dramatic, romantic, heroic and foolish, driving the tale forward.

Once I sit at the keys and start typing, the ability to recount it sort of ebbs and flows, one moment just pouring out of me with ease, another moment absent and recluse.

I write with storyboards.  The invention of the Post-It is a godsend.  By the time I get done, planning and plotting out more details, my storyboard will be covered with Post-Its that have been moved and changed a thousand times.



I know from feedback I have received that people want to hear more about Pero de Alava and Francis Whitehall.  I promise to do my best to keep them front and center – BUT – the flow of the story doesn’t always work with them there.  There time is coming but there are sinister forces doing much of the driving right now and there will be a great deal more revealed about them in Book Three.

Like what?

(Don’t read any further if you haven’t read Book Two and don’t want to know what’s going on.  Or if you’re curious and don’t care – go for it.)

Well, there is Gherardus Fabbro.  He just discovered that two people whose counsel he thought he could trust, lied to him.  His son, Rugerius, said he killed everyone at Capua.  Turns out he didn’t.  In fact, the bastard kept Anthea Manikos alive and is intending to wed her, something he was supposed to do a long time ago but didn’t.

And than there is the giant magician Sinibaldus.  He really let the old commander’s trust down when he said Pero de Alava was dead, even going into detail describing his death.  It was all a fraud.  Now Gherardus is unsure who to trust.

And who is at his side now?  Is it his faithful Provost, Guidus Salvatore, a man of impeccable honor and knowledge?  No.  Gherardus sent that poor man to his death, convincing him that delivering a letter to Pero in Capua was just a routine affair of state and he’d be home the next day.

Nope, Gherardus as his other son, Talento, serving as Provost now, and this wiry boy can’t be trusted at all.  And he has no head for the Provost position.

We also have the voluptuous, foxy nymph Viridian who feels forsaken by everyone in her family, including her cousin and lover, Rugerius.  A snarling, horny imp landed on her patio and invited her to a festival where she will meet Lord Ophis, a rich and powerful man, so saith the imp.

For those familiar with the tale, Ophis has not been seen or heard of since the beginning.  Will we see a bit more of the old dragon in this book?

Rugerius Fabbro is running on hate.  He’s about to ride for Eagles Pass to find the still-living Pero de Alava and bring him back, all of him or just his head, we cannot be sure.

And Pero, well, we know what happened to him.  Hell of a drop.  Too bad about that landing.

Anyway, I have a lot of work ahead of me.  I’m not making any promises on when it will be ready until I’m getting closer to completion.  I hope to have it out by Fall.  Summer would be better but it’s hard finding time to write, work my regular job and sell the books I have already written – not to mention spend time with family.

Back to it!

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