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Positive Rock Music

Victor Hugo once famously said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put in words but which cannot remain silent.”

We’ve all felt the emotive draw of music, the passion of joy, grief, contentment and drive.

My leanings in music are a bit heavier than many but they stir the same emotions in me that others find from other forms of music.

I’m going to post six songs I often listen to.  Hope they put a smile on your face.

One of my favorite bands is a Canadian power trio called Triumph, formed in 1975.  There are many songs to choose from their ten studio albums but I’ll go with Let The Light (Shine On Me) from the Surveillance album.

Triumph YouTube Video – Let The Light (Shine On Me)

(I won’t betray the trust you have in me, I’ll never lose my faith in what can be.)

Next up, I’ll go with Christian rock band from Tennessee called Skillet.  Formed in 1996, they have ten studio albums.  I’ll go with One Day Too Late from the Awake album.

Skillet YouTube Video – One Day Too Late

(Today I’m gonna try a little harder, gonna make every minute last longer, gonna learn to forgive and forget, cause we don’t have long, gotta make the most of it.)

Next, Orianthi, an Australian musician known firstly for playing with Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper.  She has had a distinguished solo career as well.  The album Believe was released originally in October 2009 but re-released on June 8, 2010 with some new songs and remixes of the other songs.  The song, Courage, was one of the new songs on the re-release and featured additional vocals from Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf.

Orianthi w/Lacey YouTube Video – Courage

(We all have excuses why, living in fear, something in us dies.  Like a bird with broken wings, its not how high he flies, but the song he sings.)

Fourth up, I’ll go with a rock fusion band formed in 1984 in New York City, Living Colour.  With six albums, I just got to see them live recently at Epcot.  Fun times.  This is the song Solace of You from their second album Time’s Up.

Living Colour YouTube Video – Solace of You

(When I can’t think straight, and there’s no escape, I’ve got the solace of you.)

For the fifth song, I’ll go with a newer song that still brings a tear to my eye since the singer, Chester Bennington, committed suicide on July 20, 2017.  It’s difficult but stirring to listen to this and realize how much he was hurting while singing this.

Linkin Park YouTube Video – Battle Symphony

(Battle symphony, please just don’t give up on me, and my eyes are wide awake.)

And last, I’ll go with my favorite band of all-time, German rockers, The Scorpions.  They have 18 studio albums, so there are plenty of songs to choose from.  For the purposes of this writing, I’m going to go with a song I often listen to when I’m writing and think I’ve hit a mental roadblock.  This is Someday Is Now from the Unbreakable album.

Scorpions YouTube Video – Someday Is Now

(I can feel I’m getting strong, the longer I’m pushed to the limit.  Said I’d do it someday.  Someday is now.  When I see the sun is shining, I’m flying.  There’s no time for crying.  I’m going to win someday.)

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