2016 to 2017

Thank you to all the supporters of The Crystal Crux series.  It has been a wonderful 2016.  My dream to be an author came true in 2016 as I self-published Betrayal in January and Blue Grotto in November.  Not sure I can write two more books in 2017 but I will, at the very least, complete book three in the series before this time next year.

I’m also working on a all-ages appropriate book combining the first two books.  I’m not going to label it YA.  It is just appropriate for all ages.  It should be titled – The First Three Days.  So watch for that in the near future.  I’m going to see if a publishing house might be interested.  Who knows – right?

Enjoy this night and see you on the other side!  2017 – Here we come.



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