What’s Happening Next?

THE CRYSTAL CRUX – BETRAYAL is now available on audio at Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

If you want to hear the book, this is truly worth it!  I’m extremely thankful to media company who produced this fine work!  You can check out a sample at all the sites.  I hope it inspires you to purchase a copy!

I’m still working on Book Two.  I’m getting close to announcing a title for it.

Going to be working on arranging some book signings for July/August.  Thinking about doing a historical powerpoint in conjunction with the signings.

I hope everyone is enjoying the first book.  Please post your reviews of the book on Amazon.com, Amazon.UK, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, ibook, and anywhere else you see it!  Reviews are an author’s life’s blood and I need all the transfusions I can get!

Amazon Paperback and ebook

Make sure to continue following the page and receive your updates!  Happy Reading!