The Crystal Crux was originally a fantasy novel I completed in 1986.  It was a mere 69 pages long.  Here’s the cover art I sketched for it.


Since then, THE CRYSTAL CRUX has evolved, being rewritten dozens of times, the characters and time line adjusting and transforming, everything growing and building into a ten day adventure.

The whole Historical Fantasy novel will require several books making it a series.

Book One (BETRAYAL) was released as a Paperback on January 10, 2016.
Book One (BETRAYAL) was released as a Kindle ebook on January 10, 2016.
Book One (Betrayal) was released through Smashwords worldwide on April 3, 2016.
Book One (Betrayal) was released as an Audiobook & iTunes on May 19, 2016.

BETRAYAL – Book One of the series covers only the first day of the magical adventure set in the heart of medieval Italy.

Friday, August 13, 1198.


I’m also a flashback junkie so the first two chapters of the book actually start 28 years earlier in the summer of 1170 when an event that defines the course of history for the capital city of Parthenope (Naples) occurs.

The tale involves crystals, magic, lizards, wolves, dragons and flying horses but they are only filling for the cake.  The heart of the story is love and faith.  The story fixates on the undulating currents a single person’s wayward selfish decisions can have on the world around them.

The Crystal Crux – Betrayal holds the glorified knight up to the light of revelation, portraying him as human and flawed, as noble and capricious.  In the end, each of us must learn not be so nearsighted as to think we alone control our destinies.  There are greater truths being played out by aristocrats and gods, whether we choose this fate or not.

The real question is, what do we choose to do when we finally understand that we are pawns?

What code or morality do we bind ourselves to, as individuals, as human beings?  How do we learn to defy the barriers the nations and immortals place around us?  Or is any search for purpose futile?  Do we spend our lives, as Thoreau warned, in “quiet desperation”?

I have fallen so far.  It is so dark out here.  I am all alone.  No one can save me now.”
My protagonist – Pero de Alava, Lord of Capua, knight of Penafiel, in a letter to his love, Anthea Manikos.  Pero is a Spanish caballero who’s lost his faith in God and the world around him.  He has seen the prosperity of the wicked and his feet are slipping.