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Raid on Chamonix

In the novel, The Crystal Crux-Blue Grotto, the reader learns that Claire, a young, black-haired French girl living in the town of Chamonix, having recently given birth to a demonic infant that is abnormally large, pale white and hissing, was warned she would be stoned to death by her Christian neighbors if she didn’t repent and kill the abomination.

Claire, desperate and confused about the brutal attack that impregnated her, flees Chamonix with the infant.  She eventually finds comfort in the cave-dwelling community of La Piscine Vivant, The Living Pool.

Her child, the abomination, rises quickly in stature and power amongst these people, being crowned King at fifteen.  Sinibaldus knew of his mother’s genuine hatred for the Christian citizens of Chamonix.

Now it is time to exact revenge.


I had debated including the Raid on Chamonix in Blue Grotto but decided against it, finding it unnecessary to the story line currently developing.  It does, however, make an interesting short story, a little more insight into the lives of these troubled people.

Raid on Chamonix is only available on Kindle.  It is available in KDP Unlimited for free.  Otherwise it is .99 cents.


If you are already enjoying The Crystal Crux series, you will find this an interesting read.

If you have not read a book in The Crystal Crux series, perhaps this will generate some interest.

I’m thinking I might produce similar supplements to The Crystal Crux story in the future to keep fans of the series satisfied waiting for the next book.

As always, if you do pick this short story – be sure to leave a review.  Self-published authors need reviews.


Chamonix and the Alps

I’m currently busy working on Book Two of The Crystal Crux series.  Much of my time, right now, is spent researching the Alps, Mont Dolent and the village of Chamonix.  This region will be the birthplace of the albino giant, Sinibaldus.  His mother Claire suffers tragically, fueling the vengeful fires inside the magician.  But you’ll just have to wait for the next book to discover more.  Be sure to read the first book if you haven’t already and write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Facebook and ibooks – anywhere and everywhere!

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