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Good And Evil

One of the core challenges I faced when I started writing The Crystal Crux series is how I would define good and evil.

When you look at life, really look at it, the definition of both can be rather murky.  Good people do evil things and evil people do good things.  So where is the line that defines a good person and an evil person.  How much evil finally makes a good person no longer good?

In The Crystal Crux-Betrayal, we see Pero de Alava professing to be tired of being good.  He doesn’t want to be a good person anymore.  But what does that mean?  He declares it but he himself is not sure what it all entails or if he’s even capable of being it.

His best friend, Francis Whitehall, seems to most to be the epitome of a good knight, a good man.  He seems to bear the burden of goodness differently than Pero.  He seems rather at peace with it despite all the problems he has faced in life, including a father who ruined the family name murdering innocent people and a shrewish wife, not to mention a spirit-crushing poverty forcing him to live day by day, fighting in tournaments to make a living.

The bond between these two is important to the story.  Francis sees the burdens crushing Pero and doesn’t know how to help him, or even if he can help him.  In the end, it seems that only thing he can offer is advice.

Francis wishes Pero to see that good must have its own merit and can’t simply be whatever is reactionary to evil.  If it is, then evil dictates life.  Our emotions and behaviors are only our responses to threats and fears.

Pero rides out on a quest to Eagles Pass to learn for himself what motivates him, truly motivates him.  Is it goodness?  Evil?  Hate?  Anger?  Or is it love?

Pero de Alava decided to throw all his cards on the table.  He cursed God and dared him to show His face, try to kill him.  Was this pride?  Was it suicidal?  There are a lot of things going on in Pero’s head and the emergence of supernatural activities around him is not helping.  He feels he is losing his mind.

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